Upcoming Events

  • Monday, May 16 - 5:00 pm @ FCBA Office

    2022 Public affiars training

    The title of the training is “How Any Christian Can Preserve and Increase Biblical Values In Culture, Policy, and Government”.  At this event you will learn why it’s important and how ministry leaders and churches can be engaged in the policy making process and why local, state, and national leaders need your ministry and support. The event and dinner is FREE!
    Some of the topics and speakers include:
    - Is There Not a Cause? - Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative of Georgia Baptist Mission Board
    - The Challenge to be Engaged - Brad Hughes, Public Affairs Committee Chairman
    - Churches Relating to Today's Religious Liberty Issues - Harrison Smith, Alliance Defending Freedom
    - Understanding the Legislative Process and The Legislator's Perspective – former State Representative Kevin Cooke and former State Senator Josh McKoon

    This will be a great session to bring your key leaders to attend.

    For more information and for registration go to....

    Information: https://gabaptist.org/public-affairs-trainings/
    Registration: https://www.sbcworkspace.com/Pub/Event/Register/55234884

    If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Mike Griffin with the GBMB at (770) 936-5365 or mgriffin@gabaptist.org

  • tuesday, june 21 - 10:00 am @ FCBA office

    Georgia Baptist Children's Home "load the truck"

    Local churches are encouraged to collect the items listed below between Mother's Day (5/8) and Father's Day (6/19).  

    Items that have been collected need to be brought to the FCBA Office located at 308 Redmond Road at 10:00 am on Tuesday, June 21.  The GBCH truck will be here at that time, and you can place your items directly on the truck.

    The following items are needed by the Children's Home:

    • Boxed Snack Crackers, Chips & Cookies
    • Paper Plates with Sections
    • Paper Towels
    • Solo Plastic Cups
    • Laundry Pods
    • Toilet Paper
    • Disinfectant Spray
    • Fabuloso Cleaner
    • Walmart Gift Cards (Preferred)
    • Kroger or Publix Gift Cards
    • MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards